Why We Do It

Why We Do It

The Children Heritage Foundation believes that all children have the same right, which is to develop their full potential. From our first visit to Les Cayes Haiti, we clearly heard the voices and we experienced first-hand the intellectual competence of the children we met.

There is a lot in the news about Haiti's economic status but the intellect of the youths we spoke with in Haiti is an untapped resource for the country's future. We are determined to work with educators, private sector, alliances with other non-profit organizations and, governmental entities to achieve our mission.

Our goal is to ensure for access to basic educational, and to impartiality of opportunity for youths to achieve their full development.

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Be a Champion, Get Involved.

One of the most important decisions anyone can make is to live a compassionate life, to inspire others and to seek opportunities to care about people and their needs. Be a Champion for a needy child today and change another’s life for ever.

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