Volunteer Benefits & Responsibilities

Volunteer Benefits and Responsibilities

TCHF volunteers agree to:

  • • Educate themselves about TCHF, its mission and projects
  • • Help with the promotion of education, advocacy and fundraising initiatives on behalf of TCHF

TCHF will:

  • • Facilitate a volunteer network
  • • Provide resources to promote projects
  • • Provide guidelines for conducting fundraising activities
  • • Keep volunteers up-to-date about emergencies and other pressing issues
  • • Recognize volunteers for their efforts


How you can help us...

Just call +01 (858)-354-3545 to volunteer or to make a donation

Be a Champion, Get Involved.

One of the most important decisions anyone can make is to live a compassionate life, to inspire others and to seek opportunities to care about people and their needs. Be a Champion for a needy child today and change another’s life for ever.

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