Education and Enrichment

Education and Enrichment

The Education & Enrichment Program aims to assist in the education of elementary school students in Haiti by providing the resources for the following projects:

  •  Tuition and Uniform Assistance
  •  Lunch Program
  •  Arts and Crafts Program
  •  Digital Literacy

The Need:
In Haiti, students who wish to attend schools have many expenses; they must be able to purchase uniform and required books. Unfortunately, many parents are unable to pay for these expenses and so their children cannot attend school. Instead, these children will spend their days in the street and become either the target or the perpetuator of crimes.

Our Approach:
The Children Heritage Foundation (TCHF) Elementary Education Sponsorship program aims to improve literacy rates in Haiti by paying school expenses for elementary age children who would not be able to attend school otherwise.

To participate in this program, prospective students complete an application, which is reviewed & approved by a TCHF committee.

Once approved, the student is matched with a sponsor. A copy of the completed application, a picture of the student and report cards are made available to the sponsor.

In addition, sponsors are encouraged to communicate (in writing) with their students. $20 USD a month can help eliminate illiteracy and make a positive contribution to the Heritage of Haitian children.

To sponsor a student, please contact us

Our Results:
Currently tCHF supports a K-9 elementary school in the South of Haiti.

How you can help us...

Just call +01 (858)-354-3545 to volunteer or to make a donation

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