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Information Technology Program:

The IT program is no longer in progress. It was suspended due in part to the lack of funds. We are however continuing (successfully) our Digital Literacy effort at the Elementary School level. The goal was of the Technology Program was to help foster a culture of innovation among young adults and to address long-term considerations of sustainability for Haitian youth through technology education. It was a cooperative with Globe University Minnesota School of Business.  The Curriculum included web application development, networking and English as a Foreign Language.

The Need:

  • For a skilled technical workforce in Haiti to foster a culture of innovation
  • Information Technology as a career choice for Haitian youth and young adults
  • New technology employment opportunities for Haitians, strengthen local economy, and help young Haitians realize their full potential

Our Approach:

  • Introduced a post secondary IT program in cooperation with a U.S. University to prepare students for positions in web application development, networking, security, computer support, user interface design, internet marketing,

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