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A Note From Our Founders - Nov. 2010 ::
Although we can remember some key events that prompted our focused interest in Haiti, we are not sure how the journey began. Bernie was born in Haiti and Joseís parents are Haitian and yes, we love Haiti but we never thought that we would be doing work there. It may have started with Joseís desire to support a missionary in Haiti or when Bernie was asked to pray in church for the country or, maybe we just got tired of hearing the tremendous negative news coming out of Haiti. We are not sure how or when but slowly and purposely, we became increasingly aware of the needs in Haiti.

We searched the Web for news and read as much as we could about current events and learned and re-learned Haitiís history. We found out that the median income is less than 500.00 US dollars per year, the life span, a little more than 50 years and the literacy rate is so very high. Every time Haiti is mentioned in the international news, it is usually followed by the countryís economic status or lack thereof and something within us felt, that the situation in Haiti is not how it should be! We refused to accept the status quo and started sharing news and praying with our friends for Haiti.

In December of 2006, we created the Children Heritage Foundation because we wanted to do what we could to make a positive impact in the Heritage of Haitiís children. We wanted to come alongside all the many people and organizations doing good work in Haiti to say yes, we too believe in a positive future for Haiti!

In addition to developing Technology education in Haiti, we are planning to institute Language Laboratories to be used by Universities and High School students, the establishment of a medical clinic, the coordination of the support of orphans and continued elementary education support. To facilitate the achievement of these goals, we plan to collaborate with other organizations in the U.S, abroad and in Haiti.

From the very beginning, we realized that we were not alone in our desire to make a positive effect in the Heritage of Haitian children. We are forever grateful for the partnership of everyone who has come alongside of us to make the objectives of the foundation possible. Your support is vital for the future of this organization and the achievement of its goals. This foundation has increased our hope that Haitian children can have a great and wonderful future.

Jose and Bernadette Pierre



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