M. Patricia Ward

M. Patricia Ward

Ms. Ward worked in the computer industry for 20 years first for Princeton University where she performed systems analysis and software development and then for Mathematica Products Group where she was responsible for systems engineering.

In 1987, she joined Automatic Data Processing (ADP) in its brokerage unit first as a director of account management and then as director of marketing. Upon leaving ADP in1995, Ms. Ward became an independent management consultant helping to grow small technology companies. In 1997, she began working exclusively with Marketware International and when the company was acquired by TD Waterhouse, she remained with the new company as vice president for international initiatives.

She left TD Waterhouse in 2001 and continued her consulting until she was appointed to direct the Community Development Department of West Windsor Township by Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh. She has remained with the Township since then managing the Land Use, Engineering, and Code Enforcement divisions.


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