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Technology Study Program : Academics

Academic Information:

  • Students are required to learn English for the Technology program

  • In terms of academics, will there be changes to the current curriculum? tCHF in cooperation with the partner Academic institutions are starting out with a core Technology curriculum that includes an English Proficiency. Changes to the curriculum may occur or the curriculum might be revamped in order to enhance overall studies. All students are encouraged to pursue a bachelors.


tCHF works with the US University and ensure that all fees for students are paid in 100%. This is tCHF's commitment. As our ability to provide such scholarships changes tCHF will advise students.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Following the successful completion of the IT Program. tCHF will endeavor to help new Technology graduates find Employment opportunities either for network Administration or Programming.

  • tCHF will utilize a database system of Companies in Haiti and outside of Haiti who are willing to hire students who have successfully completed the course technology study. We will also look to bring in graduate students from the USA to help prepare our students in the job-search process through workshops on campus. Once established, we will also use alumni who are passionate and willing to help to assist our students in the job-search process.

  • tCHF will promote outsourcing of technology development to our graduates in Haiti.

    More information will be available as the program progresses.


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